Release of Toxic Shame

Why do I have all these health issues? Could I really have toxic shame?

Could energy work with Direction Technique really help me address this issue?

Shame is an epidemic in our lives today that many are not aware of. It is much different than guilt which tells you “I did something bad.” Shame tells you “I am bad” along with a whole host of other self-accusations. It has roots in child abuse and neglect, familial patterning, sexual abuse, and many other real or perceived situations. Many will avoid it to such a degree that they would prefer death or physical pain rather than feel shame. It causes us to be in denial, bypass, blame others and participate in unhealthy activities. According to Gerhert Piers, “behind the feeling of shame lies the fear of abandonment, the death by emotional starvation.” This is a blog post and not an academic paper, but I feel to include this quote because it is so potent and direct. It is ironic that we focus on self-care such as massages, yoga classes and exercise but when used in excess can be another diversion to avoid looking deep within.

To decide if you might have toxic shame take a look at this list and see what matches up to your perceptions:

· Feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem and extreme sensitivity

· Feeling rejected, taken advantage of or “used”

· Perfectionism

· Needing to be right or have the last word

· Blaming others or the external reality

· Constant worry about what others think of you

· Withdrawing or trying to hide

· Afraid to show your true self

· Hiding your feelings due to fear of rejection

· Suspicious behavior, not trusting others

· Addictive behaviors: alcohol, drugs, hoarding, gambling, sex, shopping, etc.

This is a topic that has come up in my own inner healing journey lately so I will share that my own personal pattern is definitely withdrawing to avoid possible humiliation and embarrassment. This is a deeply ingrained pattern learned in childhood that I am slowly unraveling. The best thing about connecting with others on a similar path is that we all learn from each other – the connection itself and the time spent is always valuable. “Healer, heal thyself.”

Shame can manifest in a number of ways including health problems: depression, anxiety, obesity, addictions, eating disorders just to name a few. Those affected may act out with rage or narcissistic behavior, feel humiliated or mortified, or may simply withdraw – the manifestation of shame is very individualized. As an RN I was always perplexed by “noncompliant” patients who missed appointments and would not take their medications no matter how much support and teaching they received. It is interesting to note that the scientific and medical communities have not really addressed shame and there is very minimal research into how it affects people. Could shame be the reason people think and act as they do even if it is to their detriment?

The first step in releasing shame is to become aware that it exists within you. It is very common for shame to be carried down the genetic line so what happened to your great-grandmother may very well be affecting your everyday thinking and actions without you even knowing about it! Emotions and other states of being come into play within healing work because they will eventually manifest into DIS-EASE at a future time unless they are addressed. Within the energetic field blockages or distortions create a disruption in energy flow. With every instance of healing work your energetic field will update the “instruction set” in the aura surrounding the human body allowing for the potential of better mental/physical/emotional health. It’s not a one size fits all but gets to the core of issues instead of just putting a band aid on them. Within this healing modality we set intentions for the healing session, which is the most important part. I will do an intuitive body scan, go to the present, past, and future timelines, and channel strategies for success and intuitive affirmations specific to you.

On my own healing journey, I have employed energy work on many different levels along with other holistic practices. I became aware of Direction Technique and medical intuitive training and decided it might be for me. A way to heal myself and help others heal themselves as well. I routinely use this modality in my own life to gain clarity and peace. I love it because it’s a direct path deep within myself where I can find my own answers.

This is not a substitute for medical and psychiatric care. I will always encourage you to have appropriate medical testing and treatment. Medical intuitive work is not a replacement for traditional care but rather a complement to go along with it if one so chooses.

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