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What can a Medical Intuitive Direction Technique Session do for me?

And what is medical intuition anyway?

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A medical intuitive session can address many issues you may be struggling with including emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. I will tune in to your biofield and assess any imbalances you may have in the physical and energetic bodies including aura and chakras. I utilize the Direction TechniqueTM, developed by Katrina Jean Taylor, to find the root cause of imbalances and medical issues that are affecting you. The session includes an intuitive body scan, energy clearing and healing, strategies for success, wisdom and individualized affirmations, and answering any questions.

Medical intuition uses a person's perception or "gut instinct" to assist with finding answers to problematic issues. Everyone has the potential to be their own medical intuitive and self heal although these abilities need to be known and developed over time. Have you ever had that nagging feeling that something is wrong but your providers cannot find anything? Or that there's much more to the issue that you're being treated for? That's your medical intuition trying to communicate with you!


The use of medical intuition will help the practitioner to make an accurate assessment of the aura, energy centers, and physical and emotional bodies. I completed medical intuitive training with Katrina Jean Taylor, Founder of Direction TechniqueTM and became a Direction Technique Medical Intuitive Practitioner. 

Please note that medical intuitive sessions are not a replacement for medical and mental health care and is intended to accompany appropriate treatment. I will always recommend clients receive timely medical testing and treatment.

About Karen Emmons-Kusko

Direction Technique Medical Intuitive Practitioner 

Certified Health Coach & Sound Healer

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Registered Nurse, BSN

Are you frustrated and feeling stuck within your life? Perhaps you are seeking assistance with health issues, needing clarity or just someone to listen. Are you ready to try a new way?  

I have 30+ years experience as an RN in the US within the areas of Critical Care, ER, Interventional Radiology, Case Management and Hemodialysis. For several years I experienced many health issues of my own along with job dissatisfaction and yearned to do something different. I had a deep desire to be more creative and felt quite limited in my work. I view my current path as the perfect marriage between my medical experience and spiritual gifts. My personal belief is that the best healers often go through profound challenges of their own and may then pass along the wisdom to help others.



Happy Clients

Feedback From Others

People often ask us how energetic work can improve their lives. As an alternative healing practitioner, I am committed to bringing you quality therapies that respect your individual needs. Read about how medical intuitive sessions with the Direction TechniqueTM have impacted the lives of clients through these testimonials.

I have been struggling with a lot of extreme stress lately. In my entire life I have never been able to visualize anything but a complete black curtain but the next day after the session I began to see grey moving clouds. The session with Karen using the Direction Technique gave me more clarity and direction in my life. 

Erin B.

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Karen Emmons-Kusko


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